About US

Hey everyone!

Our names are Tonya & Brittany. 

We are the faces behind Nacho Average Nachos!We’re from Upstate New York. We have been in the food truck business for 10 years doing ice cream but decided to expand with Nacho Average Nachos since 2018.

We decided to create this for the people who live the gluten free life and who enjoy going to fairs, street festivals, food truck events....but always have trouble finding a good place to eat and that is 100% gluten free!


We realized this was such a challenge for people when Brittany went gluten free and we were traveling doing ice cream events and had ZERO TRUCKS TO EAT FROM! So we just want to make sure that YOU know, WE get it!Our nachos are a great plate to share or keep all for yourself! We specialize in different types of specialty nachos that you can find more about on the Menu page!

Feel free to email, like, follow and track us!

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We hope you enjoy browsing around, and look forward to booking with you for your next event!

Copy Right: Brittany Catlin

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